2013 TCC Renewal with the OCA

Dear Timmins Cycling Club (TCC) Members

As Club President I regretfully announce that I will not be registering the club in 2013 with the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA).  I plan to announce a meeting to discuss and have a vote on the future direction of the club.   Date and time for this meeting will be posted on the club website and in the Timmins Daily Press.

 Hence forth I will be suspending all sporting activity related to TCC pending further notice.

For those members who do race and wish to participate in other OCA events I encourage you to apply for an “Independent” OCA membership at this time.

 This past weekend the OCA hosted a mandatory meeting for club presidents in Toronto.  The main issue identified by the OCA was the “Administrative Standards and Practice” of individual clubs.  Various presentations in sport law, insurance requirements and OCA guidelines were given.

 Historically clubs have drafted their own bylaws, risk management and club activities with an emphasis on safety and responsibility.  The current practice shall remain the same however trends in organized sport have changed.

 My assessment of our organization is that we are not prepared to meet these new standards of care for our membership.  Personally I do not feel comfortable with the legal liabilities the club executive, volunteers or I would incur.

 I invite you to contact me by email at jnycz@tadh.com or by phone at 705-235-2698.  Please plan to attend the general meeting that will be announced in the coming weeks.


Jozef Nycz, TCC President